Teak Grating Kits

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Have you considered making your own attractive and functional solid Teak Grating? With the K J Howells and Son Teak Grating kits, any confident DIY person can assemble an attractive functional single castle grating in no time. All the joints have been completed for you, and each kit includes:

  • Outer frame with corner joints
  • 22mm castle section battens
  • 22mm x 11mm flat battens
  • Spacer blocks
  • West System epoxy glue
  • Instructions

To build the kit, simply purchase a kit the same size or larger than your required finished size. Slide the outer frame to arrive at the size you require. (The outer frame can be adjusted in both length and breadth), and then fill in with the castle sections and flat battens. Detailed instructions are provided, so with a minimal number of tools, a real teak grating can be achieved that you can be proud of producing.

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We are now covering 18 different sizes, and you can make any size grating up to a maximum size purchased.

Click here to download a copy of the instructions to see how easy they are to make yourself.