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A teak grating is both functional and attractive. The beauty and durability of Teak combined with the drainage and non-slip properties of a Teak Grating makes it the ultimate choice where a sure footing is a must. They can be used in your cockpit area; on gangways; bathing platforms; heads and showers, or even in your home. In fact they can be used anywhere an attractive solution for drainage and non-slip is required.

K J Howells and Son will make your Teak Grating to any shape you require and are finished and sanded ready for you to fit. They are individually made from your templates in the UK by quality craftsman, from the highest quality products. Solid naturally grown Teak is inlayed into a thicker outer frame and bonded together with West System Epoxy Resin. We only use what we believe are the best materials in the manufacture of our Teak Gratings.

Cockpit and general purpose teak grating:

For your cockpit area we offer a 22mm thick grating, inserted into a 28mm thick outer frame. A choice of single or double castle construction is available, and we are happy to advise you on which option we think is most suitable for your application. Single castle is the cheapest option. It is constructed by interlocking a flat section on top of the castle section giving the appearance of a traditional grating from above (As seen to the right in the photo below). Double castle is the traditional and more sturdy method of making Gratings, interlocking both top and bottom with the castle section (As seen to the left in the photo below). Both types of gratings are then inlayed into an outer frame to give it strength.

To surround a pedestal or other deck fittings we can make the grating with a wider outer frame and then cut the shape into the frame, or if you wish, we can make the frame follow the shape of the deck fitting / Pedestal which gives a more refined look to the grating.

Shower gratings

For your shower area, we offer gratings with smaller holes that are more comfortable under bare feet, and are more in keeping with small gratings below decks. We offer an 18mm thick by 12mm wide grating that is recessed into a 25mm thick outer frame.

Send us a sketch of the area you wish to cover, along with the dimensions and we will be happy to provide a free, no obligation quote.

Teak grating kits

Have you considered making your own grating? If you are making a basic square or rectangle, take a look at our Teak Grating kits. We offer a variety of sizes that allows you to take the pride in assembling a solid teak grating with a substantial cost saving.