Coelan. The Ultimate Teak coating


Finally a Teak Coating that “will last”.

Download the Coelan Application Guide here, or Safety Data Sheet here.

Find out more about Coelan here or at the Coelan web site





Sorry, but we are unable to ship Coelan outside Mainland UK

We try to keep limited stocks of Coelan on the shelves, to be sure it is fresh from the supplier. This may mean a small lead time for delivery. If you wish to call and find my stock levels before ordering, I will be happy to check for you.

3Ltr pails of gloss avaiable on request. Please call for current price and availability.

**** Please Note. The Coelan Gloss cans are very thin, and as they are not filled completly to allow for mixing in the tin, denting on the sides in transit is very likely. This however will not effect the contents. Please call me if you have any quesions or concerns before buying.